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Deodorant-Walk in the Clouds-FULL SIZE

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 2.5 oz. 

All of our deodorants are aluminum and baking soda free. Our ingredients are meticulously chosen and the end result is an effective and gentle deodorant perfect for everyday use. We also use jojoba oil in our deodorants. It is a wonderfully moisturizing oil that absorbs quickly and cleanly. (Full ingredients list at bottom)

Walk in the clouds in a heavenly complex blend of a classy cologne scent with just a touch of sweetness. Our proprietary blend has alluring notes of silver fir,leather,and musk that finish into a subtle sweetness of fresh grapes and violet candy. This complex blend is easily for both men and women.

Most commercial antiperspirants and deodorants use aluminum and baking soda. Aluminum works by clogging your sweat glands so you don't sweat. However convenient, it prohibits a helpful bodily function. The toxic materials, such as heavy metals, normally released by sweating don't get released regularly when using an antiperspirant. Our deodorant are not antiperspirants and will not prevent you from sweating. The ingredients we chose naturally guard against the odor associated with sweating and help keep you dry by absorbing moisture. Baking soda, although effective in deodorants, it can easily irritate the skin and cause rashes and the feeling of being scalded after repetitive use.

When you first stop using an antiperspirant you may experience an adjustment period where you seem to have an increased odor. Once your body flushes any built up toxins this usually subsides. There are several arm pit detox recipes available if you find you need this and we would be happy to recommend one, but find it is usually not necessary. For any questions, you can message us on Facebook or email us

Ingredients: jojoba oil,magnesium hydroxide,coconut oil,organic arrowroot powder,ozokerite wax,modified tapioca starch,food grade beta cyclodextrin, organic unrefined mango butter,zinc ricinoleate(derived from castor oil), iota carrageenan(derived from seaweed),fragrance oil blend